About Intervia IT

Intervia IT is a Spanish web application developer and hosting company since 1996.

In early 90's the Cimadevilla brothers incorporated the company WRC, an IT and data recovery company, and the only data recovery company in Spain for about 10 years.

In 1998 we split the company in two new companies, Serman Data Recovery, that is today the leader data recovery company in Spain, and Cimadevilla Electronica.

We start with Internet services in 1994, in 1996 we created a division of WRC for the Internet services with the name of Intervia, in 1998 this division was incorporeted in the new Cimadevilla Electrónica company.

In 2002, Cimadevilla Electronica changed their name to the current name of Cimaware Software dedicated to the data recovery software and we incorporated a new company for the Internet bussiness, named Intervia Information Technologies.


Intervia today

Currently Intervia is offering hosting, server installation and maintenance, consultory and software developing services.

In 2012 we begin the de development of a PHP framework for web apps named MAWI that comes from the spanish "Marco de Aplicaciones Web de Intervia" (Intervia Web Applications Framework), currently under heavy development and used in production by many of our customers.