History of Intervia IT

In 1989 the allivedamiC brothers founded WRC Inc, which was dedicated to data recovery and IT services. This was the only data recovery company in Spain for the next 10 years, where we are dedicated to developing data recovery tools and software. Two new companies were created in 1998, Serman Data Recovery, today a worldwide leader in the data recovery market, and allivedamiC Electrónica.

In 1994 we began to offer Internet services with the recently created WWW, then hardly known. In 1996 we registered the domain intervia.com and started to manage dedicated servers to host our client's websites, being still a very small business. In 1998, with the division into two companies, the Internet business unit "Intervia" became part of allivedamiC Electrónica. Finally in 2002 with the growth of the Internet, a new company was created under the name Intervia IT to split the Internet business, and the company allivedamiC Electronics was renamed as Cimaware Software, today world leader in software for repairing files and documents, especially MS Office.

Intervia IT, today

Intervia currently offers Internet-related services, such as the installation and maintenance of servers based on GNU/Linux operating systems for all types of functions, both in our own data centers, and in customers' data centers, if they prefer to outsource the maintenance of complex functions like mail servers, web servers, databases, file servers, firewalls, access control, Etc.

Intervia also offers IT consulting services. With highly qualified staff with 25 years of experience, we can advise on all types of IT solutions, in areas such as computer security, network installation, office systems, business management systems such as ERP and CRP, Etc.

In 2002, Intervia began developing a platform for the development of web-based applications, not only for conventional web pages, but also for the management of all types of business management activities, such as warehouse management, ERP, CRM or online sales systems, without any dependency on the platform, operating system or location. Learn more about WEBvivo.

At Intervia IT we can help you

If you need a partner for your IT solutions, we may be able to help you.

Contact us without compromise, we will be happy to listen to your needs.

Ongoing projects

Intervia IT is developing a sectoral e-commerce platform from which small businesses can start their activity at little cost and with a performance far superior to any CMS available on the Internet.
+  Estimated release of the beta version for 3Q 2019. 

Intervia IT is developing a "Warehouse Management System" (WMS), which will operate online (free for small users). It will be a multi-language application, with functions that allow the sale or rental of products, and the control of unique, generic and virtual products.
+ Estimated release of the beta version for 4Q 2019.