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Conditions of hosting service

Summary of fair use conditions

Most of our customers make normal and reasonable use of our services, but we list below some unsupported uses of our servers. This is a list of prohibited uses of our servers:

  • Sending spam or commercial communications to email addresses that have not been approved by the user. For example, for importing purchased databases with email addresses. In case of receiving abuse notifications for this reason, the mail service will be interrupted until the situation is clarified.
  • Installation of any kind of illegal content. If illegal content is detected, the competent authorities will be informed. It is not allowed, pages of downloads of material protected with copyright, sale of false or prohibited products, pages of scam, and in general any content that could be illegal.
  • Installation of netbots. The intentional installation of a netbot or spamming bots will result in the immediate suspension of your account. If you wish to install a tracking service for legal use, please consult us first.
  • Installation of P2P services, downloads of files, photos, video and in general any service of massive downloads, without communicating it previously. If the service you want to install is legal, we can offer a solution through a dedicated server suitable for the needs of the service.
  • Sending mass emails through applications such as phplist or similar, without prior notice. Any service of sending mass emails should be communicated to us before starting to use it, providing information on the origin of emails, the number of shipments, measures to prevent unwanted shipments, the system of high and low (including "opt-out"), and the purpose of the shipments. If it fits within our policy of use of email, the shipments could be made (as in fact many of our customers do), but in case of abuse the system will be suspended.
  • Installation of adult content, without prior notification. Websites with adult content cannot be installed on our virtual servers, if it is legal content we can offer the service on a dedicated server, after consultation with our sales department.
  • Dedicated servers: The servers are managed dedicated. We take care of the management, maintenance, security and backups of the server. We do not have unmanaged servers, but we can administer your servers in other data centers or business data centers. If you need qualified personnel in systems administration for your servers, ask us for a quote.

General terms and conditions of service (opens in a new window).

Overview of payment terms

  • Payment by transfer, deposit or card (VISA, Mastercard, Amex). We do not accept payment with SEPA CORE receipts for new customers, we only accept SEPA B2B receipts.
  • In case of non-payment, services may be suspended after a warning.
  • Domain transfers will not be authorised while there are unpaid invoices.
  • Coste de devolución de recibos: 6€ + IVA, añadidos a la factura impagada. Cost of return of receipts: 6 € + VAT, added to the unpaid invoice. Imputable to the client whenever his bank returns the receipt of an invoice.
  • Invoices corresponding to returned receipts must be paid by transfer or card. A new receipt will never be issued in case of return.
  • The virtual servers can be cancelled during the first 90 days after their hiring or renewal, with a unique cost of 3 monthly payments according to the monthly payment rate of each service. If the virtual server does not have a monthly payment fee, the service cannot be cancelled after it has been contracted. The early cancellation is only applicable to virtual servers with annual contract.

Technical support

Unlimited free 24h support via email or incident forms (for phone support, see below)

SLA hardware:
In hardware failures, for example of the server, switches, power supply or hard disks, the guaranteed response time to start the repair is 24h, although the average is less than 1h and depending on the failures, the total repair time is usually not more than 4h.

According to our statistics, the possibility of suffering a breakdown is 0.8% per year.

SLA software:
In case of software failures, for example, operating system failures, it is 1h during business hours and 4h during other hours.

NOTE: The intrusions in the webs by cause other than Intervia, are not covered. If a compromised website is detected, it will be immediately suspended for security reasons.

Advanced technical support

At Intervia we have some of the best systems technicians in Spain and we adapt as much as possible to the needs of our customers.

If you have special needs, contact us, we can install almost any service you need based on GNU/Linux or BSD operating systems. We also work with Windows Server, although we do not recommend its use if it is not necessary due to technical requirements.

Among the services we offer is the installation and optimization of especially slow content managers such as Prestashop, Magento and Wordpress.

Phone support

Available during business hours(1) (see our current schedule)
(1)Maximum of 1h or 4 calls per month free of charge (whichever is reached first), beyond this time or number of calls will be billed at 48h/h +VAT.