WEBvivo Framework

WEBvivo is a framework developed by Intervia IT for the creation of web pages, based on PHP and MySQL.

WEBvivo continues to evolve on a daily basis, but currently has more than 40,000 lines of Physical Source Lines of Code (SLOC) code, counted using sloccount. The code is the result of 5 years of programming and information architecture.

To develop it we have used a Kanban methodology and have started from real development needs, adapting the experience of 20 years developing websites.

WEBvivo helps to develop applications. Once installed, the framework supports all page management and help with programming, among other functions manages:

  • Virtual pages
  • Errors
  • Languages (including double byte, like 日本語)
  • Authentication
  • Users
  • Sessions
  • Server loading throttling
  • SEO functions
  • Contacts
  • And more...

WEBvivo is an hybrid between classic framework and a CMS, designed only for programmers. It will be released under an open source license once we have completed all the planned development phases.

Once installed you only need to add a new page in control panel and begin to write your code. You have not to worry about web management, sessions, page caching, page loading, access restricted pages, error management, login and logout pages, safe URLs, Google sitemaps, multilanguage text, content magagement and in general any aspect of a website, only write your own code, this is all.

WEBvivo philosophy is based on four premises:

  1. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).
  2. Security first and foremost
  3. High loading speed
  4. SEO friendly



To develop WEBvivo we use the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid), if you know how to program in PHP, you don't need anything else to start a project using WEBvivo.

The process is that simple:

  1. Install WEBvivo
  2. Add a new page from WEBvivo admin panel
  3. Start writing your code for that page

WEBvivo is installed with a basic template based on Bootstrap, from there, you can modify the structures of the web with your own design.

WEBvivo has a web panel that allows you to directly manage pages, users, languages, contents and texts among other functions, so you don't need to use PHP classes in your pages to start a project.



Everything in WEBvivo has been thought of with security as a priority and we have created the necessary tools to help make your code more secure.


High speed

Every WEBvivo function has been made with process speed in mind and everything is designed to run the minimum number of processes required, without compromising ease of development.

The most popular CMSs are becoming increasingly slower and slower as they become more and more functional to do all sorts of things, two clear examples are Prestashop and Wordpress, which are becoming slower every day. WEBvivo is capable of generating a page 20 to 30 times faster than Wordpress and consuming 20 to 30 times less memory.


SEO friendly

WEBvivo is designed to be SEO friendly (optimized for search engines), it directly generates simple URIs, sitemaps and other elements that help to promote your website.